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Phone Names


Phone Names are simply Phone Words which spell a business name.  Some famous examples of Phone Names include 1300 GOHARVEY and 1300 QANTAS.

Phone names enjoy all of the same benefits as phone words like high recall, higher call rates, better word of mouth just to mention a few.

Phone names come in many varieties including 1300 number phone names, 1800 number phone names and 13 number phone names.

Benefits of
Phone Names

 Increase inbound calls by up to 4 times.

  • Increase return on investment from advertising.
  • Increase your market share.
  • Reduce the cost of sale.
  • Increase call to action through advertising.
  • Drive word of mouth.
  • Provide a cost effective marketing solution.
  • Improve marketing effectiveness with measured telephony results.
  • Phone Names are tax deductible.
  • They allow your business to show it has scale…. even if you aren’t quite there yet!
  • Phone Names are portable so it’s easy if you change location.
  • They are measurable through call analytics to improve marketing performance.
  • Increase Search Engine Optimisation.

So start searching for your perfect phone name today.