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Phone words


Customer access is an ongoing challenge for a growing business.  Too many contact numbers can confuse your customers and dilute the power of your advertising. Telstra Phonewords range of phone words can seamlessly connect your customers with the right person every time on just one easy to remember number, improving customer satisfaction, boosting your profile and extending your reach. Naturally, people remember words easier than they remember numbers.  You have a limited amount of time to impart your phone number when advertising to a customer, so memorability counts. By using a phone word you’re making it easier for your customers to remember.

Did you know that thousands of Australian businesses, both large and small, are now using phone words as an effective marketing tool to ensure better advertising recall?   This number continues to grow with customers strongly associating quality phone words with companies they know and trust.

Phone words

Independent D&M Research reinforces the power of phone words:

  • Word of mouth advertising had the highest phone word recall at 93%
  • 87% of people surveyed prefer phone words over phone numbers
  • Overall research concluded that phone words were 5 times more memorable than phone numbers.

Independent Roy Morgan Research

  • 97% of Australian’s are aware of phone words and the concept of alpha numeric dialing.
  • Phone word usage has more than doubled since 2006.
  • Awareness has increased to 97% amongst 25-49 years old.
  • When it comes to a preference in customer service 75% of people prefer to use the phone vs 25% of people who prefer the internet.