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Phone Word Benefits

See how Phonewords can help
you grow

If you’re deciding on whether to get a phone word, there are many benefits which will help you grow your brand awareness and grow your overall business.  Advertising is important, but effective advertising is the key to success.  A phone word is easily remembered by new and existing customers.

Phone words:

  • Increase inbound calls by up to 5 times.
  • Increase return on investment of advertising.
  • Increase your market share.
  • Reduce the cost of sale.
  • Increase call to action through advertising.
  • Fuel word of mouth.
  • Provide a cost effective marketing solution.
  • Improve marketing effectiveness with measured telephony results.
  • Are tax deductible.
  • Allow your business to show it has scale…. even if you aren’t quite there yet!
  • Are portable so it’s easy if you change location.
  • Measurable through call analytics to improve marketing performance.
  • Increase Search Engine Optimisation.

You’ll be surprised at how affordable phone words are.

Check out some independent research which confirms customers remember phone words