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Wondering what the
cost of a phone word is?

That can depend on what you are searching for.  As an example, 1300 HOME LOAN is of higher value than 1300 ABC LOANS! The broader the phone word or phone name the more valuable it will be. The cost is also dependent on what is available, most popular and generic phone words are in big demand. Phone words are unique and only available once, so its best to get in quick and find out if your preferred phone word is available.

Phone words costs can be included as part of a communications solution for whole of business. Combined with other Telstra communication needs, you’ll be provided with a total end to end solution. For more details on this or phone words costs contact us.

Domain names
to match phone word

You can add value to your phone word by complementing it with a matching domain name. A matching domain name can help increase your visibility on the web and assist in search engine marketing, making it an effective way to measure your advertising.  As added value, Telstra PhoneWords can provide well established websites with matching domain names that rank highly in most search engines. This is because these complimentary websites have had time to gain quality rankings and establish search engine optimisation through keyword content.

See some example websites:

For availability of matching domain names and websites contact us.

Complement your existing phone word with the matching 1300 / 1800 number

Many businesses today use the 1300 phone word as a main phone line and use the 1800 phone word as a fax. Having the matching 1300/1800 phone words ensures your competition cannot use the phone words and they become exclusively yours. This makes it easier for your customers to stay in contact with your business and become recognisable. Some businesses simply invest in both numbers and only use one to keep ahead of competitors.

Standard call features?

Telstra provide standard call features which provide basic routing for phone words and inbound numbers.

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