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How others accelerated their growth


Want proof from others that phone words work? Why not take a few minutes to find out how others have used phone words to accelerate their growth.

a Case Study

Crigan Advisory – 1300 CRIGAN


The logo of Key Business Advisors“We were trying to develop an inbound support and advice line for our existing customers. By having a catchy and easy to remember phone word, we hope to capture those phone calls and create a help desk for our clients to support their needs. We were also trying to increase the number of incoming calls to generate more revenue.”

“The phone word we chose for our business is catchy, easy to remember and aligned to the services we provide for our clients. We are a national company with clients across Australia so offering a phone word has made it easy for customers to identify us.”

“We also know we were successful in a tender for a major account as the Board were impressed with our phone word choice being a back up support to their members”.

“Our phone word is incorporated in all our marketing material such as our monthly e-newsletters, in all staff email signatures, website banners, brochures, manuals, business cards etc. We have also displayed this number on the windows of our building. Wherever possible the phone word is advertised as it plays a big part of our branding and will soon be advertised on our fleet of cars”.

“Our business is always looking for a point of difference to stay ahead of our competitors and we found 1300 4 ADVICE puts our business on a much more professional level giving our customers more business confidence to use us”.

Lorrain Wilson
General Manager 

Key Business Advisors

& 13 WORK

Logo of 13 WORK and 1800 DRIVERS“The success of 1800 Drivers in our business has shown us the value of a phone word to the point where our expansion plans have been built around the phone word 13 Work, recently secured. Our phone word describes the service we supply, how to contact us and it allows us to be easy to find on the internet. Our advertising campaigns are unique and in a variety of media. The instant recognition ensures we have the most bang for our buck where previously the return on the advertising dollar was sometimes questionable.

Driver Recruitment decided to centralise the operational and placement side of the business which allowed centralised training and supervision and an overall increase in the quality of our service, which we used 1800Drivers Nationally. Not only were operational efficiencies achieved with the centralisation process, we halved our operating costs which is the main reason we are not included in the 60% of agencies that disappeared during the GFC.

Phone calls have increased by 70%, and ultimately sales have increased. Brand awareness has amplified especially recognition in radio advertising as people remember the number, which was the intended reason for the phone word. The business saving exercise of centralisation efficiency has been even more value than the increased sales.”

Phil Emmerton

1800 DRIVERS / 13 WORK


Logo of Dermox ClinicsDermox Clinics provides world class anti ageing injectables at an affordable price. All of our injectors are highly trained
cosmetic nurses and every new client sees a doctor before any treatment.

“When considering a phone word, Dermox Clinics wanted to help develop the brand and expand on the brand presence. Having a Telstra phone word has meant that clients don’t need to remember specific phone numbers”,
Dermox Clinics have had amazing results from the phone word including improved brand awareness, increased calls, appointments and sales.”

“Another key feature was the ease of contact as we have 6 locations around Melbourne. A Telstra phone word makes it easy for clients to contact us.”

“Phone words enable our clients or prospective clients to find us fast and easy without the difficulty of looking up different numbers”.

Robyn Weisinger
Operations Manager

Dermox Clinics.


The logo of 1300 POOL SHOP“We got the idea for a phone word via other advertisers. We thought it would be a terrific marketing tool. We searched & found that 1300 POOLSHOP was available, so we grabbed it!”

“Since we started using 1300 POOLSHOP, we have noticed that our customers have embraced our phone word as it is so easy to remember. We are a pool shop so what could possibly be easier to remember than 1300 POOLSHOP!”

“1300 POOLSHOP is the only number that we advertise nationally via Google, eBay & our website. This year, we developed a website called Needless to say we are expecting a massive summer season later this year.”

“We truly believe that our phone word is a remarkable marketing tool. It’s so simple, but extremely effective.”

Mark Dean

Direct Pool Supplies


Corporate Keys logo“Branding – We have the 1300 phone word on our corporate car and people are able to quickly recognise that the corporate accommodation provider can be found by dialing 1300 CORPORATE.”
Corporate Keys Australia Pty Ltd


Simvita logo“As we are in the early phase of building a global brand, services like phone words are a helpful tool to build awareness among our growing customer base. Anything that helps improve our level of service is also very welcome.”


Allwest Racking Solutions logo“One number nationally to assist clients in contacting the local branch/agent National brochures now instead of individual state brochures.”
Allwest Racking Solutions


Trash Heap Trailers logo“It has enabled us to really brand our product and provide customers with 1 easy phone number to remember rather then a mobile number.”
Trash Heap Trailers


Knotwood logo“It means we can use generic marketing material and all our clients can market the same way, with Sensus providing the correct line re directions where necessary.”
Knotwood Pty Ltd


Altiform logo“It gives us a national and professional appeal.”
Altiform Pty Ltd


Relocating to Australia logo“It showcases that this is a professional business and caters to the national market.”
Relocating to Australia


Fire Foundation logo“Both our phone words are critical to our organisation, and have been a sound investment. Having these numbers so easily recognisable is a priceless help.”
“1300 4 SUPPORT – You need help you call us.
1800 DONATION – Want to make a donation? This one’s for you.”

“Both so simple to remember, and more importantly they do exactly what they say, alleviating any confusion in relation to how to get in contact with the correct area.”
Fire Foundation


Towbars Australia logo“1300 TOWBAR is easy to remember and states succinctly everything the business is about. Having the phone word sign written on the business’s vehicles has resulted in inquiries and sales from the customer who have seen the vehicle and easily remembered the contact details. It has lifted the business’s profile and professionalism and can easily be used in advertising campaigns. including TV, as well as other marketing strategies.”
Towbars Australia


SCO Recruitment logo“From a business benefit perspective, in such a competitive market, having a point of contact that is both simplistic, relevant and branded i.e. a phone word is a unique competitive advantage. From a client benefit perspective, it provides them with simplicity and something memorable – making us their first, simplest and preferred point of call for recruiting services.”
SCO Recruitment


Peter Sadler logo“Our phone word has delivered massive value for our business as it is used in many locations including stationery, packing boxes, trucks, vans and uniforms to name a few.”
Peter Sadler Removals